Hearing aids in the drawer? Why?

To be a successful user of hearing aids the following process needs to happen. If one or more of the steps are skipped, it is very likely the hearing aids will end up in the drawer.

  1. Acceptance of the hearing loss
  2. Motivation to hear and listen better
  3. Realistic expectations
  4. Thorough hearing and lifestyle evaluation
  5. Selection of an appropriate hearing instrument
  6. Aural rehabilitation (a process of teaching the brain to listen with the new sounds)
  7. Careful fine-tuning of the hearing instruments to fit the clients preferences
  8. Ongoing care and maintenance

Many people do not realize that hearing aids are only one part of the solution. If you or someone you know has hearing aids in the drawer maybe it is time to get some help. We are up to the challenge – are you? Call or stop by for some free advice.