“Be honest with yourself, and be honest with the people around you.”

That’s how we approach everything we do at 100 Mile House Hearing Clinic.

Know that, whenever and however you contact us, we’ll never use pushy sales tactics or try to “sell” you anything. We don't like it when people do it to us, and we wouldn’t like ourselves if we did it to you. Our goal is always to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your hearing. If we can help you beyond that, it will be when you’re ready.

Tom & Eva Slosarek

Get to know Tomas and Eva

Tom Slosarek, a Certified Hearing Instrument Practitioner, has a strong professional background in electronics and sound engineering to complement his friendly, easygoing personality.

Today’s hearing aids are all sophisticated computers with incredible capabilities, which means a successful outcome is largely dependent on your practitioner’s ability to fine-tune your devices and give you the best performance possible. In this respect, Tom’s expertise is virtually unrivalled.

“It’s not just getting a hearing aid fitted, it’s all the time afterward. Hearing and communication skills are constantly changing. Our work for you never ends, but seeing that improvement in the quality of your life is worth every second.”
-Tomas Slosarek

Eva Slosarkova, a nurse in the Czech Republic before moving to Canada with Tomas in 2005, is the glue that holds 100 Mile House Hearing Clinic together. Likely the first voice you’ll hear on the phone and the first smiling face you’ll see at the clinic, Eva is also the one who ensures bills get paid, i’s get dotted and t’s get crossed.

“I love 100 Mile House. The warmth and support we received when we arrived here was overwhelming, and that sense of community has only grown stronger. It’s all about your relationships and the people you live with.” 
-Eva Slosarkova