Personalized Ongoing Care

Personalized, ongoing hearing care

As a client of 100 Mile House Hearing Clinic, you’re entitled to free, unlimited follow-up visits to ensure you’re always hearing as well as you should be.

The ways we can tweak, adjust and tinker with your hearing aids are virtually limitless. But because everyone perceives sound differently, we need you to tell us how your hearing aids are working – or not working – for you.

Our commitment to personalized follow-up care is part of the reason our return rate on hearing devices is less than half the industry standard.

Routine maintenance and cleaning

Today’s hearing aids are highly sophisticated electronic devices that have the unfortunate privilege of operating under constant exposure to moisture, dust and ear wax. Over time, these conditions can cause hearing aids to work less efficiently.

It’s all included!

All follow-up appointments, including adjustments, cleaning and even hearing check-ups, are included in the initial cost of your hearing aids. So if you’re ever not completely happy with them, bring them in for as long as you own your hearing instruments.

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